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Chikankari embroidery, which has its roots in Lucknow and was previously only employed on cotton, is now being used on silk, cotton, crepe, and other lightweight fabrics that may better display the workmanship. Since needlework cannot be done on heavy or rough materials, the fabric must be delicate. The chikankari technique can also be used with beads, aari, zari, pearls, mirrors, and other materials for even more stunning appearances.

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Whether you're getting dressed for a professional meeting or a social gathering with friends, wholesale chikankari Kurtis might be useful. By choosing comfy bottoms, you may add your flair to these wholesale Kurtis in Surat Also check out our collection of  Party wear kurtis wholesale.. The white flower pattern is one of the most well-known Persian chikankari patterns. Because of the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, it oozes majesty and regal feelings. The two types of embroidery are hand-made and machine-made. Lucknowi embroidery is distinct from machine embroidery, which is often created by machines, thanks to French knots, criss-cross stitching, and other features. Since Lucknowi weavers must spend years honing their craft, Chikankari Kurtis wholesale is known for its exceptional quality.

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Lucknowi wholesale Kurtis can be worn in casual and formal settings when paired with the proper bottoms. A thick skirt or palazzo with dazzling jewelry can be the perfect look for your brother's sangeet. You may blend a classic and modern style with jeans and a few bangles.