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Pochampally is a saree that originated in Nalgonda, a district of the Indian state Telangana. Pochampally Ikat is the name given to one of the oldest designs in the state due to its similarity to Ikat, a form of fabric dyeing. Pochampally Sarees are usually adorned with geometric patterns. The name of this saree is not as well known in northern India but is very popular in southern India. Pochampally ikat has remained a top-notch product despite the changing fashions. Pochampally's sarees are characterized by modern themes such as elephants and parrots. They also feature colorful patterns. The weaves are dominated by vibrant colors such as gold, orange, pink, yellow and blue.

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Pochampally Silks and Braso wholesale Sarees have historically only had geometric patterns. These weavings now feature a wide range of intricate, contemporary motifs, including flowers, circles, leaves and paisleys. These intricate details are a great addition to the Pochampally Sarees because the Ikats have a smooth, sharp finish. Some Pochampallys have striking geometric designs. Both the Patola Silk sarees Wholesale and Pochampally use a tie-and dye process. They also have an interesting migration story. Salvis migrated from South India, to Patan in order to make silk Patola Sarees for King. Venkiah Malliah are two brothers who belong to the weaving tradition and moved from Chirala, India, to Pochampally.

Pochampally Sarees wholesale at online the best place to find wholesale Pochampally Sarees. Browse our collection to find the perfect one. Pochampally sarees are easy to style, as you can play with the various elements. As an example, similar shaped neck- and ear-jewelry can be used to balance the geometric patterns on the saree. Accessorizing a Pochampally to match its appearance, whether it's traditional or modern can enhance the beauty of the saree. You can accessorize more traditional Pochampallys with traditional south Indian jewelry featuring motifs such as temples, domes and statement square pieces. In the absence of this type of jewelry, Kundan and Polki are lighter pieces that work with Pochampallys. The heavier jewelry may not work due to clashing patterns and styles.

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Pochampally Sarees can be adorned with elegant, delicate chains of gold with diamond pendants. Colorful bangles that match the color of the saree can be worn to enhance the overall look. Handbags with jewel embellishments can be used to accessorize Pochampally Sarees. Cutdana bags are one of the best accessories to complement a Pochampally Saree. Cutdana purses and smaller handbags, with stones embellished are other options.