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Bollywood Saree

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Bollywood movies are a part of every Indian woman's life and so are the classic sarees, so why not combine them to live life like a heroine? If you want to keep up with demands, buy wholesale Bollywood sarees directly from Surat-based manufacturers who also happen to be a nationwide supplier of ladies' ethnic clothing. High quality and low prices can be expected from us which cannot be seen at any of our competitors. The saree is a timeless classic that creates a feeling that cannot be replicated by any other type of Indian wear.

Latest Bollywood saree catalog:

In our recent catalog, you will find the latest designs that are currently a hit on the red carpet and you can catch any actress wearing them for auspicious occasions. If you want to follow in the steps of your idols, go ahead and buy designer Bollywood sarees online to get hold of the perfectly suited outfit. 

Types of fabric:

The fabric determines how comfortable a saree can be, all of our sarees offer high levels of comfort because we make sure to use soft fabrics that will keep their wearer energetic and comfortable for the entire event no matter how long it is.

  • Chiffon is a light, translucent material that is loved for its crinkle-free advantage. This means you can even wear it without any ironing, perfect for a surprise event that you have not planned for. 
  • Netting material is an elegant fabric that has been used worldwide for a long time. When it comes to traditional clothing the netting gives more emphasis on the appearance and makes them look graceful and feminine on the wearer.
  • Georgette is loved for its lightweight properties, sheer quality, and of course the flowy characteristics that makes it so easy to drape compared to other fabrics that are stiffy. The fabric is thin which makes it even easier to wear it all day long without getting tired and hot in it. In order to bring out the true beauty of this material, select it in a bright pastel color to give out positive vibes to all who lay their eyes on it.
  • Silk is a premium material that is highly valued in Indian culture and every woman would be proud to have silk saree in her wardrobe. The fabric alone makes these sarees look magnificent, the addition of stonework, beading, and Zari border make it even more attractive to the eye. 


Match your Bollywood saree with a fancy designer saree blouse that will make you look even better and add to the finishing touches of the outfit, as a blouse always leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Occasions to wear:

Every occasion has a specific time and place that it needs to be worn for. we also have a huge collection of wholesale kurtis make sure you check it out.


A call for a new outfit is a wedding function, it requires all guests to dress accordingly. Since marriage functions are an important part of Indian tradition every woman will probably want to look good especially if she is an immediate family member. If you are looking for new wholesale dress material, We have a huge collection of that make sure you check that section out on out online shop.


These are high fashioned events that need extravagant clothing options. For women Bollywood designer saree or wholesale party wear sarees acts as the best option for getting dressed to impress at this event.

Reasons to buy from us:

  1. Largest catalog with various designs to choose from.
  2. Widest range of colors and designs that will impress all customers.
  3. Lowest prices that will be the best value for your money.
  4. Local and domestic shipping to various locations.
  5. High-quality products that last long.
  6. Stylish designs that will keep you looking fashionable all year round.


We provide a seamless online shopping experience due to the presence of various payment methods to make life easier for shoppers. Easily pay using major cards- Maestro, Visa, and Mastercards, Western Union, Bank transfer, COD, and many more. All assure a safe and secure successful payment.


Trust us we are a huge dealer in wholesale Indian clothing supplier of women, To get the order delivered safely using well-known courier agents that have a proven track record. From the time order is placed till the time it is handed over to the logistics partner, we double-check it to avoid sending a defect and we also package it well to make sure that no damage comes to it. Cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, and all others are all serviceable by us.

Manufacturer and supplier information:

Situated in the heart of a busy textile market, Surat is the perfect location for our warehouse. Apart from being a manufacturer or women’s traditional clothing we also act as a supplier to all cities in India.