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Embroidery Salwar Kameez

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Wholesale Embroidery Salwar kameez 

The Indian is famous all around the globe is wholesale salwar kameez catalog. It is worn by women at weddings, parties, festivals and even as casual wear, this has spiked a major increase in the need for wholesale embroidery salwar kameez in India.

Get embroidery salwar kameez online directly from the manufacturer and buy it at wholesale price in bulk quantities for retailers who resell to the public. It does not matter where you are as we deliver to all domestic and international locations. Whether you are searching for intricate handwork, heavy work using impressive decorations and ornaments, or Kashmiri salwar suits all embroidery features delicate thread work.

Embroidery Salwar kameez Catalog:

Our latest offerings are of the widest range. You can easily buy branded outfits at lowest prices from our website. We make the product with great quality fabrics and alluring designs. 

The dupatta and kurti are heavily embroidered and it is a perfect choice for a reception party and other wedding functions. The neckline, sleeves, and bottom of kurtis are detailed with stunning embellishments giving the attire an attractive look.

Types of Salwar Kameez:

We provide you many different types of salwar kameez,

  • Palazzo style: This style is very trending and popular. The outfits that we offer you have a heavy dupatta, embroidered bottom of salwar, alluring borders at sleeves and bottom of the kurti in different fabrics. You can buy them at wholesale prices. we also offering wholesale designer salwar kameez at good price .
  • Anarkali style: They are one of the most demanded styles of salwar suits. We have a wide range of beautiful floor-length suits containing double layers, and you get it in exclusive colors. The upper layer is usually of net and it is detailed with pearls, stones, motifs, and diamonds.
  • Pant style: We have suits in pant styles too. The kurtis are straight and heavy, a beautiful dupatta is paired with the outfit, and the pant also has some embroidery design at the ankle. The sleeves of kurtas are also heavily embroidered. we also have wholesale pakistani suits for our customers.
  • Sharara Style: The style was worn by Mughals in ancient days. The attire includes a short tunic, a salwar fitted till thighs then flared at the bottom and a beautiful dupatta with alluring borders and designs.
  • Skirt style: This is a style similar to sharara. The attire has a round flared skirt that is paired with a straight kurti, and a heavy dupatta. We provide you a wide range of this outfit in different colors and patterns.
  • Choose your Favorite Fabric: The most important feature of an outfit is its fabric. Everyone wants a comfortable and rich fabric. By keeping in mind the requirements of our customers we provide you the attire in different fabrics. Choose the one that is good for you. We have some of the most demanded fabrics on our website. we have a section for wholesale cotton salwar kameez, Make sure to check that section out.
  • Georgette: It is a lightweight, dull finished crepe fabric, originally made from silk. Compared to all the other fabrics, it gives a playful and voluminous appeal to the attire. It is a soft and smooth fabric that is preferred by women for special occasions. It is a great choice for a hot climate.
  • Net: It is a transparent and soft fabric. Heavily embroidered dresses are made from this fabric. Handwork, patchwork, and other works can be done on it and it makes the outfit look more alluring. 
  • Satin: It is a fabric that has a glossy surface at the front side and is dull from the back. It is a smooth and shiny fabric. Designer dresses are made from it due to its shimmery appearance. It is a durable fabric and a better choice for formal wear. 
  • Silk: The richest and the most royal fabric is silk. It is a natural fiber produced from the cocoons of silkworms. There are several varieties of silk and each one has its own significance and specialty. Mainly golden color embroidery is done on silk that makes the attire look wonderful and flawless. we also have wholesale dress material section for unstitched salwar suits for our customers.

Embroidery Work We Offer You:

There are several types of embroidery works that we offer you. Some of them are as below,

  • Aari work: It is a type of embroidery that is done on stretched fabric. The art is done by a long needle having a hook at the end. The work is well known for its elegance and simplicity. The art is done using different colored threads and several stones, diamonds, and pearls. 
  • Zardosi work: It is a form of embroidery that came to India from Persia. As per its meaning, 'zar' means gold and 'dosi' means embroidery. The art is done using metallic bound threads and the embellishments are done on various fabrics. 
  • Dabka embroidery: This embroidery is done using coiled wire resembling spring and intricate designs are made using this technique of embroidery. The thin coiled spring is known as dabka and the work is done on printed patterns.
  • Phulkari embroidery: It is the famous art of Punjab. Phulkari means flower work thus the art is done in floral patterns. The embroidery work is done with colorful threads, it is very much favorable for brides and small babies. The work can be done on any fabric. 
  • Bagh embroidery: It is also a famous embroidery work that originated from Punjab. The art is done in square boxes using golden and silver threads giving the outfit a stunning look. Bagh means a garden, therefore, the designs are made in a square to resemble a garden.


Wholesale Embroidery Salwar kameez Manufacturer

We supply our products all over India as well as other foreign countries. So, you can buy the outfits from any corner of the world. We make our products with premium fabric and alluring designs. As we sell the products in wholesale you get your desired outfit at an affordable price. You get your product in just a few clicks and you can do the payment procedure by cash or online as per your suitability.